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After several years of working in a corporate environment, Christy founded Loca Media in 2012. She has her BA in Marketing & Communications from Simon Fraser University, as well as a diploma in Digital Art & New Media at Selkirk College, where she studied design, videography, animation & post-production. This dual dynamic allows her to flex her creative muscle while honing in on her savvy business skills through formal education at SFU & over 15 years of experience in the marketing field.

Alex Hennessy is a multi talented Canadian videographer & photographer that is dedicated to providing a meticulously polished product using the latest equipment with a modern yet timeless style in both videography & post production.
He attended film school is 2003, but his enthusiastic dive into his craft was much earlier. After school he

he began documenting his global exploration through 80+ countries & started his highly acclaimed YouTube channel, Global Degree. Through these experiences, he has developed the ability to capture the beauty & intrinsic value of different cultures & the natural planet, while navigating some of the most unique and unpredictable circumstances.

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Ashely Lord is a Toronto-born, Vancouver -based voice artist, writer & poet. Weaving words and vibration into reality she lends her soulful expressive vocals, velvety narratives and light filled poetics into projects that delight the senses. Creating together, you will be sure to make waves, expand minds and touch hearts.

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